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The following equipment is available through your instructor:


Size Height Lightweight Heavyweight
00 (120cm) Below 4'0" 20 N/A
0 (130cm) 4'0" - 4'4"
1 (140cm) 4'4" - 4'8"
2 (150cm) 4'8" - 5'2"
3 (160cm) 5'2" - 5'5" 25 68
4 (170cm) 5'5" - 5'10"
5 (180cm) 5'10" - 6'0"
6 (190cm) 6'0" - 6'4"
7 (200cm) 6'4" & above N/A

Lightweight uniform is ideal for beginners and for kids (as it's available in smaller sizes). The material is 55% cotton / 45% polyester. The bottoms have an elastic waist. White belt is included. Comes pre-shrunk. Includes a club badge.

Heavyweight uniform is made of high quality 100% cotton canvas. Drawstring waist. Belt not included. Comes pre-shrunk. Includes a club badge.

Training Fee:  Show/Hide 

Training Fee:

The standard training fee for each session is 8.00 per person.

(Note: Some locations still have the old price of 7 per person. This is due to go up to the standard fee by the end of the year.)

Family discounts are available if two or more memebers of the same family train together.

Most clubs have an advance fee which is paid one or even three months in advance.

We don't do this! If you pay in advance you can miss classes due to sickness or other reasons.

If this happened you could be losing money.

So we just prefer you pay for the classes which you actually get to.

New to Kenshukai? You can start your training by scheduling your 1st class Now!

Registration Fee and Yearly Licence:  Show/Hide 

Registration Fee and Yearly Licence:

All clubs have these in order to cover the membership fee and general overheads; and the price can vary depending on the club.

We have a gold registration, which is a one off fee of 20.00 and is fully transferable. Fully transferable means that if you want to take some time off, or even stop your training, you can pass your registration on to friends or family.

Other benefits of the registration include:

Life-time Registration (never expires)

Gives access to all our locations, special classes and training camps

The yearly licence covers the cost of being affiliated to the NAKMAS Governing Body, as well as the member-to-member insurance. The fee is 15.00 and is renewed annually.

- It is not essential to organise the Registration/Licence straight away - new students can try out a few classes first. For more info, please see the Starting to learn section.

Sparring Equipment  Show/Hide 

Sparring Equipment

Fist protector (or "mitt")

x 2

Sizes: Junior / Senior

Price: 7

Shin Protector (or "pad")

x 2

Sizes: Junior / Senior

Price: 10

"Mitts and Pads" are required as an essential kit for sparring after the student reaches Yellow Belt level.

PU Groin Guard

Sizes: Medium / Large

Price: 12

"Cup" Groin Guard

Sizes: Junior / Senior

Price: 7

PU Groin Guard is more suitable for teenagers and adults, while "Cup" Groin Guard is more for younger students.

Ladies Lycra Top - White

Price: 20

The vest (which can also be used as a workout top) is white 89% Tactel, 6% Lycra, 5% Nylon (not see-through). There are two special front panels to insert the protector into. The fabric allows movement of moisture to quicken evaporation, which is the body's natural cooling method.


XS= 32A - Size 10, S= 34A - Size 12, M= 34B - Size 12, L= 36C - Size 14

Ladies Chest Protector

Price: 10

The breasts, ribs and sternum are covered by the flexible and very comfortable polyethylene removable protector. For use with the Ladies Lycra Top.


XS = 32A - Size 10, S = 34A - Size 12, M = 34B - Size 12, L = 36C - Size 14, XL = 36D - Size 14.

Gum Shield

Sizes: Junior / Senior

Price: 3

To form the gum shield to the shape of your teeth:

1. Boil some water and pour in a bowl.

2. Drop the gum shield in the water for about 10-20 seconds.

3. Take it out, shake off excess water and quickly put it in your mouth.

4. Press your teeth together tightly, while also pressing on the front of the gum shield with your hand.


Repeat steps 2-4 until the gum shield stays on your teeth if you open your mouth.

Training Equipment:  Show/Hide

Training Equipment

"Speed" Skipping Rope

Price: 4

 Kata Video




1st & 2nd Kata

Price: 7

The kata video explains how to perform the first 2 katas that are needed for Yellow and Orange Belts.

Gradings, Belts & Replacement Equipment:  Show/Hide 

Gradings, Belts & Replacement Equipment:

The first grading Yellow tip (9th Kyu) is conducted as part the normal class at the completion of the student's 6th training session.

In addition to the normal class fee, there is a 15.00 grading fee to be paid at this time.

This fee also covers the next two gradings Yellow belt (8th kyu) and Orange tip (7th Kyu-ho).

For all following gradings, the normal 15.00 grading fee applies. The belt itself costs 3.

If any item of the equipment is lost, it can be replaced at it's usual price (note: replacement club badge costs 3).

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